Atlas Management Solutions Celebrates Accomplishments

​Atlas Management Solutions recounted a successful 2017, celebrated the team’s accomplishments, and look forward to setting and achieving their goals for 2018.

The end of the year is the cause for a lot of celebration if it’s been a successful 2017, and for the team at Atlas Management Solutions, there’s plenty to celebrate. The Buffalo office continues its strong growth, securing the company’s footprint in the area, turning an underutilized market into a well-developed operation, and helping the company expand their customer base and market penetration.

“Goal setting is the method we use to accomplish so much,” shared Jeffrey, the DOO of Atlas Management Solutions. “It provides a target for us to shoot for and, when given a clear goal, really lets us demonstrate the abundance of talent that lies in this organization. While we might enjoy the journey, we always have a clear destination in mind.”

“The core values of Atlas Management Solutions are integrity and work ethic,” he continued. “Using these values, and placing a strong focus on developing them in others, we were able to have a successful 2017 and reach both professional and personal accomplishments. People join our company because they want to be involved in a fast-growing, team-oriented work environment. We choose people of integrity to be part of our team and set the standards of work high. Everyone enjoys the challenge of reaching our goals.”

Atlas Management Solutions​ Sets High Goals for 2018

“For 2018, we’re setting some major growth goals,” said Jeffrey. “We’re looking to expand our office’s territory into the Syracuse and Albany markets, which will create a triangle in the Western New York region with Buffalo being the home base.”

“For myself, I’ve set the goal of taking a two-week vacation to Europe,” he continued. “However, I’m also looking to grow my team. I’m hiring for account manager and recruiter positions and I suspect, as we begin to expand our territory, I’ll be hiring more throughout the year.”

“As I mentioned, we have a strong company culture around integrity and work ethic, so I want to hire individuals of the highest caliber to join us,” shared Jeffrey. “The Atlas Management Solutions team works very hard and so anyone who comes in needs to expect to perform well and earn their recognition every step of the way. However, for hard workers, there’s so much growth potential within our company and industry that I would expect them to be able to quickly climb into leadership and even more.”

About Atlas Management Solutions​

Atlas Management Solutions is a leading marketing and consulting services firm that partners with a prestigious telecom company. The marketing specialists ensure that people all over the nation get the television, voice, and internet upgrades they need through the latest fiber-optic solutions. They achieve all this outreach by employing a flexible campaign approach, tailoring it to a broad range of needs. The results are high rates of customer acquisitions, which are delivered fast. A commitment to core values bolsters the success of Atlas Management Solutions. The team is committed to innovation and great communication. The firm’s associates are empowered to unleash their potential. Their work connects with consumers in ways that build excitement and lead to big growth. Go to to learn more.

Source: Atlas Management Solutions