Atlas Management Solutions Offers Travel for Professional Growth

Atlas Management Solutions high achievers recently attended a leadership and networking conference with customer acquisition professionals from across North America. The firm's Director discussed the event and the benefits of travel.

"The foundation of our success as a company is the way we develop our people," stated Jeffrey, Atlas Management Solutions' Director of Operations. "We seek likeminded individuals with similar values during the interview process, and provide them with all the resources they need to become successful in our industry. What's more, we create chances for our executives to build friendships with one another that positively impact our office environment."

Travel opportunities like the recent leadership and networking conference in Dallas, Texas offer the best of both worlds when it comes to growing a professional team, Jeffrey shared. The weekend gave hand-selected associates the chance to learn from and network with other top producers in the industry, and also the time to develop deeper relationships with Atlas Management Solutions peers.

"Account managers Alex S., Aaron M., Chris B., and Michael M. were all selected to attend with me. They had the opportunity to participate in several workshops, attend keynote speeches, and network with the best of the best," Jeffrey declared. "Our favorite part of the conference was speaking with these top producers and learning about the ways in which their businesses differ from ours, and how the differences in location impact operations."

Jeff said his team members learned a lot of new teaching and leadership methods that they have since implemented in the Atlas Management Solutions office. He also shared that the attendees have been working with the key industry players they met in Dallas as a way of increasing the firm's chances of entering new markets and working with new national service partners. 

Atlas Management Solutions' Director Discusses Different Uses for Business Trips

Travel is an important part of Atlas Management Solutions' operations because it serves so many purposes, according to Jeff. Trips are means of providing well-deserved recognition, for example. Also, anytime people break out of their routines, they learn to be more resilient. That means travelling itself, regardless of the destination, makes a positive impact. 

"Travel is a career catalyst," Jeff declared. "When we spend time in a novel location, growing as people and expanding our minds to what's possible, we come back to work more passionate and motivated than ever before. This is why I consider company-sponsored trips to be smart investments. They encourage the development and growth of our team members, which in turn makes Atlas Management Solutions more successful."

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