Atlas Management Solutions Supports Great Cause

Atlas Management Solutions' Director of Operations detailed the firm's recent philanthropic effort, which supported military veterans. He discussed why this cause is so important and highlighted some benefits of giving back as a team.

​​​​Members of Team Atlas Management Solutions participate in a range of philanthropic events. One cause that resonates with the firm’s associates is the Wounded Warrior Project, which offers free support services to injured veterans and their loved ones. Jeffrey, the company’s Director of Operations, explained, “This is a charity with which our team feels a personal connection, so we’re honored to help advance this mission however possible.”

The Wounded Warrior Project is important to Jeffrey for a few key reasons. Along with having family members in the military, Jeffrey is deeply committed to the cause out of respect for two Atlas Management Solutions associates who served the country. He stated, “AJ and Danielle are veterans, so giving back to this great organization is doubly special for me. Our entire team is proud to be associated with the Wounded Warrior Project.”

The company maintains a strong commitment to philanthropy to build its reputation as a leader in the community. Jeffrey added, “Charitable giving is a big part of our Atlas Management Solutions ethos. It’s one of the ways we express our gratitude for the region that bolsters our success. We prefer hands-on volunteering because it aligns with our mission-driven approach to community leadership.”

Atlas Management Solutions' Director on the Benefits of Team Giveback Events

There are many positive outcomes that emerge from giving to good causes as a team. Aside from the rewarding feeling that accompanies philanthropic efforts, people build stronger bonds when they come together to help those in need. Jeffrey remarked, “Our associates get to see different sides of each other’s personalities when they apply themselves to good causes about which they’re passionate. They discover hidden talents and common interests they may not have known about otherwise. These insights lead to more spirited teamwork back at the Atlas Management Solutions office.”

Enhanced team engagement is another benefit of social impact efforts. “People want to know their employers care about making a real difference,” the Director stated. “We organize giveback events throughout the year to provide our team members with ample opportunities to improve people’s lives. Maintaining a strong commitment to social impact is a great way to retain top talent and attract sharp candidates as well.”

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