Atlas Management Solutions Expands Operations Into New Market

Atlas Management Solutions' CEO, Jeffrey Walsh, announced that the firm is expanding into the Philadelphia market. The CEO discussed the benefits of the move, including promotions and a hiring push.

​In today’s business climate, companies and their leaders always need to be looking ahead. There’s little time for resting on laurels; staying relevant in an ever-changing marketplace requires vigilance, and the skill to recognize an opportunity when it presents itself. This is the position Atlas Management Solutions' CEO found himself in when he saw the chance to expand the firm into the Philadelphia market.

He viewed Philly as an underutilized market – one that was ideal for his company. What’s more, he is certain that there are a lot of talented people in the Philadelphia area that would be able to succeed using Atlas Management Solutions' customer acquisition strategies. “Philly is a good recruitment opportunity, and we are excited to see the leaders that come out of our expansion,” Jeffrey shared. 

What Makes an Atlas Management Solutions Leader

The Atlas Management Solutions learning program goes beyond job training and develops executive skills in the firm’s team members. This system benefits the managers who spearhead the Philadelphia expansion, and is used to identify and nurture those who show leadership potential. 

As an example, Jeffrey noted that communication strategies are one of the topics discussed during workshops. Skills like active listening, knowing and understanding nonverbal cues, and tact are all covered, because one of the most important things a leader can do is make team members feel welcome to express themselves and their views. 

Clarity in communication leads to another vital leadership aptitude – the ability to set clear expectations. When team members know exactly what is required of them, the resources and support they have available to them, and the rewards for success, they will confidently and efficiently work toward the completion of their goals.

Another trait that is developed in an Atlas Management Solutions frontrunner is a positive mind-set. Optimism is foundational for ambitious professionals, because the first step in achieving any goal is believing it’s possible. Once a person has made positivity a habit, they are able to share their enthusiasm with others, and support them as they work to believe in themselves and their goals.

By modeling and encouraging these and other leadership behaviors, Jeffrey and his management team are certain they will be able to more than duplicate the success that Atlas Management Solutions has had in the Buffalo market. 

About Atlas Management Solutions:

Atlas Management Solutions is a leading marketing and consulting services firm that partners with a prestigious telecom company. The marketing specialists ensure that people all over the nation get the television, voice, and internet upgrades they need through the latest fiber-optic solutions. They achieve all this outreach by employing a flexible campaign approach, tailoring it to a broad range of needs. The results are high rates of customer acquisitions, which are delivered fast. A commitment to core values bolsters the success of Atlas Management Group. The team is committed to innovation and great communication. The firm’s associates are empowered to unleash their potential. Their work connects with consumers in ways that build excitement and lead to big growth. Go to to learn more.

Source: Atlas Management Solutions