Business Travel Helps Atlas Management Solutions Grow

Top performers from Atlas Management Solutions were invited to attend a national leadership conference in Dallas, Texas. The firm's Director discussed the benefits of the trip, and the importance of business travel to development.

“Travel opportunities are some of the most coveted perks we offer our team members,” shared Jeffrey, Director of Operations for Atlas Management Solutions. “One month we might fly to an exotic destination for a rest and relaxation retreat, while the next might find us driving to another city to cross-train at a high-performing office. No matter the type of trip though, we always learn more about our business and ourselves, while getting to know one another better as well.”

The company’s most recent excursion allowed hand-selected associates to spend a weekend in Dallas, Texas at a national leadership conference. This was a qualifying event, so attendees were chosen on the basis of performance. 

“The Dallas trip was a great opportunity for networking and training,” stated Jeffrey. “Experienced business leaders from satellite offices all over the U.S. attended, so it was a great chance to learn about how to work in other markets and get new ideas for more effective campaigns, along with advanced trouble-shooting techniques.”

Jeffrey was also glad to have brought his team along so that they could get a visual of just how much opportunity exists in the customer acquisition industry. “Seeing how many people had achieved remarkable milestones, and then meeting those frontrunners and learning that they are no different than us, was very impactful,” Jeffrey confirmed.  

Atlas Management Solutions Conference Attendees Bring Knowledge Back to the Office

Even though only a handful of team members were able to travel to Dallas, the impact of the weekend was not lost on the Atlas Management Solutions organization. There are several ways in which everyone can benefit from what is seen and learned at an event like this, Jeffrey shared. 

“First, while we’re at any major event like this, we post content on our social media feeds,” Jeffrey said. “This keeps everyone updated in real time and communicates the energy and enthusiasm that makes such a major convention so much fun. Plus, while we’re there, we’re constantly taking notes and thinking about what we want to communicate with the rest of the team when we get home. When we returned from Dallas, we held a Q&A session so that we could share what we learned. Not only does this ensure that the knowledge is dispersed throughout the company, but it gets everyone excited for the next qualifier.”

About Atlas Management Solutions: 

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Source: Atlas Management Solutions